KYHAM News Guidelines

The mission of KYHAM is to be an objective resource and KYHAM news is no exception.  There are a few guidelines that all contributors must follow as they represent their organization and KYHAM.

  1. Just the facts.  No editorializing.  Like Skywarn, we observe and report.
  2. Always be truthful and fair. Remember the basics of journalism – “Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.”
  3. Covering amateur radio elections is okay as long as it is about the office, issues, and the same questions are submitted to all candidates and all have opportunity to respond.
  4. Feel free to write a feature if you have a favorite topic within amateur radio.
  5. If you have questions if something is acceptable, please contact Pat Spencer, KD4PWL.  He’s here to help.


  1. How often do I need to submit an article?    When you have news you would like to share with the entire state.  It is up to you.
  2. How long do my articles need to be?  As short or long as you need them to be.  Cover the content.
  3. How do I post it on the news section?  You will be given a login and password to log into the news section and you can enter your article without having to submit it
  4. What about grammar and spelling?  You’re the author.  *grin*  The editor on the news section does have a spell check feature, but if you want grammar checking, compose your article in a word processing program and paste it into the news section.

If you have further questions, contact Pat Spencer, KD4PWL