Fall is in the air and on the airwaves

Well it sure seems like a long hot summer is starting to wind down.  Tonight a cold front is pushing its’ way into Kentucky and finally we get a reprieve from the heat and humidity of summer.  But the forecasters of weather are telling this is a short lived reprieve.  Summer will rear its’ hot head again in a week or so for a last hurrah.

So take advantage of this reprieve and get some of that overdue antenna work done.  Get that HF station prepped and ready for the winter operating season.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a contester, DXer or ragchewer.  Take this opportunity to put up that new chunk of aluminum or fix what might be broke, or improve on your favorite band.

Old sol hasn’t been to generous with propagation but maybe… just maybe… the sun will come around and we will get some spots to ionize the atmosphere. A note to so many of out technician class operators… 10 meters is more than just 1.7 MHz of hiss…

Be safe, look up before you lift and tighten things down snug.

Paintsville Hamfest 9-30-2017


Sad to report N4DUE, Paul Mitchell has become a Silent Key! Paul had a lengthy public service career and carried that over to his involvement in Kentucky Amateur Radio !
Current KY Section Manager Steve Morgan W4NHO and immediate past Section Manager Alan Morgan KY1O recall fond memories of N4DUE!
Paul served as Section Emergency Coordinator for KY under W4NHO in a previous SM term. Alan , Past SM ,KY1O remembers Paul as his mentor and the driving force to Alan being part of the fire service in Kentucky!
Paul was a retired Fire Captain of the Lexington Fire Dept.and a US Navy Veteran!
Funeral details pending.