Interview lessons

Sone useful information as Field Day approaches on doing interviews or posting on social media – from ARRL Public Relations:

When are you “on the record” with a journalist?…

Greg W0QI

Kentuxky- Public Information Coordinator

Asst.Section Manager

April ARES reports due

April ARES reports are due even if nothing new to report; please file your report:

Dear Fellow Hams,

The monthly ARES reports for April will soon be due.

I want to thank those ECs/AECs/ADECs who have already submitted their reports. To facilitate a more efficient method to compile the monthly reports, please adhere to the following schedule:

EC/AEC/ADEC  due date = 7:00pm ET on Saturday May 6th (Derby Day!)

DEC          due date = 7:00pm ET on Sunday May 7th

ASEC         due date = 7:00pm ET on Monday May 8th

KYHAM        due date = 7:00pm ET on Tuesday May 9th

SEC          due date = 7:00pm ET on Wednesday May 10th

The above schedule will allow each leadership level to review data submitted before having to submit their own report. Your cooperation and timeliness is appreciated. Reports are available at:

Remember, a report should be submitted, even if you have no specific information to report.

Information on how to submit a report is available at:

Please feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to help.


Roman Rusinek – KE6YCW

KYHAM Administrator