Fix ’em now

00Fall is upon us.  The air is a bit cooler and the leaves are becoming crispy critters laying all over the ground.  That means it must be ANTENNA TIME!

This is the ideal time to fix your antenna farm.  Get that new antenna into the air or fix the one that’s been hanging there unused… because it was just too hot to fix it.  Repairing your antennas when the cool is on is actually the best time and science supports your choice.  With yagi style antennas the tubing is ever so slightly smaller than when the heat is on.  This means that your clamps and screw connections with be tighter when it gets hot and not loosen when it gets cold.

While I know of no scientific study to ‘prove’ my assertion, I can attest to 30 years of experience.  Antennas installed during the heat of the year always seemed to be looser than those put up in significantly cooler weather.

Of course, the best possible time would be when the temps are below freezing but let’s not get ridiculous.

Get that aluminum up in the air or fix that busted antenna.  You’ll appreciate it when the wind is blowing and the temps are holding the mercury low in the thermometer.