Louisville Hamfest – Bigger and Better

Have you made plans to attend the Louisville hamfest?  If not, now would be a good time to grab your tickets.  You can get pre-fest prices until September 6 online at LouisvilleHamfest.com. 

hamfestSo why is an ‘ad’ for the hamfest appearing on the pages of KYHAM?  Well, to be honest, this is more a recognition of the dedication and work that the Louisville hamfest committee puts out annually to ensure that the hamfest continues to improve and grow.  And this year is no exception!  The committee (comprised of hams from many different clubs in the metro area) has gone above and beyond to make this years hamfest amazing.

Not only will you have the opportunity to join amateur radios secret society (Royal Order of the Wouff Hong), but there are many excellent forums and, of course, lots of opportunities to buy the rig of your dreams.

whrsSo I’m asking a favor this year.  To drive attendance through the roof, I’m asking that each of you planning to attend contact a ham friend or neighbor that may not be planning on coming.  Invite them and maybe even buy them a ticket.  Invite that non-ham neighbor or friend that has inquired about radio.  The hamfest committee has busted their collective butts to make this years event top drawer.  Let’s honor their efforts and pack the house.

Hardin Co ARES has busy Saturday

image imageShelby W8WN reports on a busy Saturday for EMCOMM practice and response:

The Hazmat field exercise with KY86 FD & Crop Production Svcs went off very smoothly this morning. Things went well. But not perfectly, which is good – otherwise, none of those on the scene would have learned anything!

We had about 15 operators, some of whom were the evaluators, videographers, observers, etc etc. Others did a brief ARES exercise in parallel, as tho we had been called to the scene of a large incident.

Everyone on the scene – please send your AAR to WA4YPQ ASAP bigdawg_184@yahoo.com as he and KK4DEO cannot complete the large amount of documentation until these are in. If you have lost your AAR form, let me know.

Glenn will send out a brief summary to us as soon as he can get it together.

I attempted to post a half dozen photos on my Facebook page. All that technical stuff is foreign to me, so I’m not sure if they uploaded OK or not.

Overall, it was a fun morning and also a good experience seeing what other agencies do.


Rules? We don’t need no bloody rules!

Well, yes I did include a double negative in the title  just to prove a point.  A world without rules is chaos just as a world with too many rules is tyranny.  So why do we need rules?

Amateur radio is, and has been since its’ inception, self policing. We have always prided ourselves on understanding and complying with ‘the rules’. And the newer you are in radio, the more likely you are to inadvertently cross one of these lines.

First of all, where can you find these rules of whence I speak?  FCC Part 97 is where you look to find the majority of rules that apply to our service. If you don’t have a copy or have been several years (maybe decades) since you perused them, check out this link. http://www.arrl.org/part-97-text The ARRL maintains this page and updates changes as they occur. You can also download a pdf from the ARRL to have your own on site copy.

Secondly, it is up to those of us a bit long in the tooth to gently advise our new amateurs as to not only what the rule is but WHY the rule is.  There is nothing more frustrating than to be told… well because it’s the rule.


Wouff Hong and Rettysnitch To correct errant amateurs

Enjoy radio and protect the assets and spectrum that has been so generously awarded to our service.  Without our continuous efforts at ensuring rules compliance, our spectrum could easily be auctioned off to the highest bidder and many of us would be left with lots of equipment with no viable use.

So tread wisely.  Experiment correctly and within the rules. For you definitely don’t want to cross paths with the dreaded Wouff Hong or Rettysnitch without just cause.

Dayton Hamvention has a new home

imageXENIA, Ohio (WDTN) – Days after Hara Arena announced it will close its doors, an announcement from Greene County officials revealed that Hamvention will be held at the Greene County Fairgrounds next year, according to our partners at the Xenia Gazette.