Field Day 10 days away

W4KBR GOTA station youngest op 7 years old

Field day is a short ten days away.  Are you prepared?  Are you looking for a place to visit or operate?  Well the ARRL has just the web page for you.  Find a field day operation near you.  Just click here.

I’ve used this page over the years when I’ve traveled during field day weekends.  You can meet some interesting characters on these excursions.  But here’s one use, I bet, you haven’t considered.

Use the field day locator to find stations in your area to work during the operation.  You can determine azimuth from the map and this can be especially rewarding for your VHF/UHF operations.

Good luck and hope to see you on the air for Field Day 2016.  Look for our operation at KY4KY and W4KBR(GOTA)

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