Words, words, words

In this politically charged environment words are more than just important, they can make or break a club, a friendship or run potential amateurs away.  A BIG reminder… two conversations to avoid on our bands are politics and religion.  Why?  Because more fights are started over these two subjects than any others.

On the next front is conversations with new or potential amateurs.  All of us were newby’s at one time and all of us said or did silly things.  If an older ham had chastised you on the air or ridiculed you would you have hung around?  Maybe, maybe not?!

wordswordswordswordsAlso, in our multimedia world, so much of how we communicate is the written word.  And the proper use of words is most important.  Trying to communicate without using the correct words can be confusing or at worst shows the education level of the writer.  Learn to use the correct spellings of your, you’re, to, too, two, are, our, their, there and they’re.

You and I or you and me?  Easy, drop the first person and if it sounds wrong, it most likely is.  And the I or me always follows the other person, not me and whoever.  Punctuation is important too.  If you place a comma in the wrong place or forget to put a comma in there, meanings can be drastically different.

As my old English teacher from high school said, ‘You know what you want to say, but the reader has no idea’.  You have to convey your written ideas so that someone can understand your thoughts without your verbal input.

So choose your words wisely.  Use the correct word, use the correct tense and if you’re unsure, refresh your understanding of your language in both verbal and written form.  Your reader will appreciate it and you will be less prone to misunderstandings and the troubles that arise.

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