News from the ARRL Great Lakes Division Director and Vice Director

Greetings everyone, welcome to “Dale’s Tales” for January, 2016 —

SPECIAL EVENT: National Parks on the Air has begun. This is the big
operating event for 2016. Be sure to check out the full details at See the current “On the Air” list of
scheduled events on the web page. There are actually 20 qualified
National Park Service Units within the Great Lakes Division, so there
are many opportunities to put a park on the air.

ANNUAL REPORT: The following report has been submitted to the ARRL
Board as part of the Board of Directors annual meeting. We are making
it available to all of the Division membership.

2015 Activity Report
Great Lakes Division

At the January ARRL Board meeting, with the approval and support of the
Programs and Services Committee, WA8EFK presented a proposal for
creating a new appointment of Assistant Section Traffic Manager,
paralleling that of Assistant Section EC. The motion was passed and
placed into service. MI SM Larry Camp WB8R provided the early impetus
for the new position. Dale was elected to serve on the ARRL Executive
Committee and appointed by President Craigie to chair the Ethics and
Elections Committee.

In February, WA8EFK, SM Larry Camp WB8R and the Michigan Political
Action Team met with Michigan Congressman Tim Wahlberg, to discuss
Amateur Radio Parity Act, and obtained the Congressman’s agreement to
become a co-sponsor. Ohio SM Scott Yonally N8SY and WA8EFK presented
the 2014 Herb S. Brier Award from the ARRL to Marion County, OH
resident Bill Finnegan. Scott also presented to two of Ohio’s
outstanding Boy Scout Leaders with a brand new award from the ARRL, the
Community Organization (Square Knot) award. The recipients were both
from the Muskingum Valley Council #467, Billie Dickson WB8TRK and
Matthew Murphy KC8BEW.

In March, WA8EFK, WB8R and the MI Political Action Team had the
opportunity to meet with Michigan Governor Snyder as he signed
Michigan’s long-sought-after equivalent of the PRB-1 Act. Ohio DEC
Jeff Slattery, N8SUZ, was awarded the Red Cross 2015 Senior Hero award
in Athens, Ohio. Slattery is a member of his local Red Cross Emergency
Communication team.

During April, Alan Morgan KY1O became the new Section Manager for
Kentucky. Over the ensuing months, Alan has attended the Section
Manager’s Workshop and has continued to build his team. In addition,
KY has implemented several added media services to keep KY hams abreast
of Section happenings. Dale and Vice Director Tom Delaney W8WTD
participated in the September 2015 ARRL Kentucky Leadership Conference,
at the Greater Louisville Hamfest, addressed two of the meetings and
hosted the ARRL Table.

May’s big event is always the Dayton HamventionĀ® and the Great Lakes
Division hosted Dayton’s ARRL Forum. This year, we welcomed speakers
Pres. Kay Craigie N3KN, 1st VP Rick Roderick K5UR, 2nd VP Jim
Fenstermaker K9JF, and CTO Brennan Price N4QX.

There were 63 Hamfests and similar gatherings held within the Great
Lakes Division during 2015. WA8EFK was able to support our Section
Mangers and the Field Organization at eleven of those events and Tom
participated at nine during the year. Tom and Dale took advantage of
League supplied software at many of these get-togethers to print
constituent letters in support of the Amateur Radio Parity Act.

During 2015, W8WTD spoke at five Amateur Radio clubs on behalf of ARRL
while WA8EFK served as the guest speaker at four club meetings in the
Division. These talks focused on the overall ARRL organizations
structure and provided the ideal opportunity to fold in discussion of
the Amateur Radio Parity Act.

Sean Kutzko KX9X and Katie Allen WY7YL, members of the ARRL PR
Leadership team were guests of the MSU Alumni Association staff at a
special Michigan State University-hosted forum on Public Relations.
Here the MSU group explained the key factors they use in developing
their PR programs and how those ideas can be applied to the ARRL’s PR
efforts. Dale was able to participate in the closing banquet.

The Great Lakes Division held its biennial Convention in August, hosted
by the Voice of Aladdin ARC in Columbus. Tom and Dale conducted the
ARRL Forum, and the Awards Meeting in addition to the usual duties of
hosting the ARRL Table. Debra Johnson, K1DMJ Manager of the Education
Department was our guest ARRL speaker. The attendance broke records
for this Hamfest. The Ohio Section also celebrated the newest inductee
of the Allan Severson Award when N8SY presented it to Robert Dixon,
W8ERD. Michigan SM Larry Camp WB8R presented the ARRL Amateur Radio
Service to Scouting Award to Frank Maynard NF8M and honored Michigan’s
Ham of the Year, Ed Hude WA8QJE.

In December, Dale WA8EFK accepted the appointment to chair the newly
formed Public Service Programs Enhancement Working Group of the
Programs and Service Committee. Dale is also serving as a member of
the DXCC Card Checking Working Group.

Respectfully submitted,

Dale Williams WA8EFK, Director
Tom Delaney W8WTD, Vice Director

TOM’S COMMENTS: Comments from our Vice Director

Happy New Year, everyone! Not a lot of ham radio news this month. The
last activity (other than a club meeting) that I attended was the Grant
Amateur Radio Club’s hamfest in Georgetown, Ohio, back in early

But it will be a busy year coming up, and I’m looking forward to it.
Dale and I will be attending the ARRL Board Meeting in January, where
we’ll find out more about our legislative efforts in 2016. Be prepared
to do some more letter-writing and e-mailing once the various pieces of
legislation start making their way forward towards a vote. If we want
to get the antenna bills passed, we’ll need to be very active in
contacting Congress. We’ll let you know!

About the time you’re reading this, the National Parks on the Air
activity will be underway. There is already a long list of stations
who will be on the air starting January 1st. Check it out on the ARRL
website. And get active. There should be lots of contacts for you to

And as we go into 2016, we’ll be around to your club meetings and
hamfests, asking what we can do to facilitate your activities in ham
radio. Let us know your concerns, your interests, and especially your
successes in whatever projects and activities you take on. Invite us
to your meetings. Depending on our schedules, we’d love to come and
meet all of you.

73, Tom W8WTD Vice Director, Great Lakes Division

UPDATE for AMATEUR RADIO PARITY ACT: Please contact your Senator in
Washington and encourage his/her support for the Act. When you do
this, please reference the Bill Number S 1685. HR 1301 is the Bill
number for the House of Representatives. In addition to a letter to
your Senator letter to your Representative is quite appropriate.
Please be sure to route your letters through ARRL Headquarters for
personal delivery: ARRL, Attn: Amateur Radio Parity Act grassroots
campaign, 225 Main St., Newington, CT 06111. You can find more
information at

HAMFESTING: Here is the current Great Lakes Division ARRL Sanctioned
Hamfest Schedule for the next few weeks. These swaps have received
their sanctioning approval from ARRL HQ at the time of this

Jan 17 – SCARF – Nelsonville, OH
Jan 24 – Tusco – Strausburg, OH
Jan 24 – Hazel Park – Madison Hgts, MI
Feb 13 – Cherryland – Traverse City, MI
Feb 21 – Mansfield – Mansfield, OH
Feb 21 – Livonia – Livonia, MI
Mar 5 – Cave City – Cave City, KY
Mar 6 – NOARS – Elyria, OH
Mar 19 – Crossroads – Kalamazoo, MI
Mar 20 – TMRA Hamfest – Perrysburg, OH
Mar 26 – MOVARC – Gallipolis, OH

HAMFEST OFFICIALS: It is never too early to register your hamfest for
ARRL Sanctioning. Be sure to invite your ARRL Officials as soon as
your date is set. Help avoid date conflicts, do it early!

73, HNY, see you on the bands.

Dale Williams WA8EFK
Great Lakes Division

——————————————————————–News from Great La





KY QRP Christmas power lunch!

imageThe Kentucky QRP Group met for Christmas Lunch today at 11:30 at Denny’s on Newtown Pike in Lexington, KY. A good meal and good discussions were had by those in attendance. There were around 14 hams who gathered for this event from around KY.


QST a friendly reminder!!
ARRL DUES INCREASE 1/1/2016 by $10!!!
Renew now and avoid the added cost- best value the 2-3 year renewal and life time membership!!

GLH Elves are working for you!

Hello Folks!

Our Hamfest Elves have been busy this season working on bringing joy and happiness to all the hams, big and small, in the Kentuckiana Area this…

Okay, we’re not actually elves (even though some of us are short), but our staff and ARRL reps have already been working on GLH-2016. We are planning the largest hamfest since we first moved to Paroquet Springs Conference Centre (PSCC) back in 2004! The show will be pretty much the entire downstairs of PSCC as we again are host to the 2016 ARRL State Convention. Only a few things are planned right now, but we know it will be a very special show with some great events for hams to enjoy – beyond the tailgating and the “Ham-Mainia” with vendors and sellers.

As we move into an exciting year, we do need to emphasize how important participation is for a successful Hamfest. Our volunteer staff of eight tiny reindeer… uh… eight amateur radio operators… just can’t be everywhere needed. We need your help during the show and we encourage anyone who enjoys the Greater Louisville Hamfests to volunteer as part of this year’s organizing staff. Meetings begin at 6:30pm on the second Tuesday of each month starting in February. We have about a 60-90 minute meeting discussing and planning the Hamfest. We hope you decide to join us in 2016.

So, as we enter into this holiday season, think about how you could help us out next year, either in planning as part of the GLHA Staff or by volunteering your assistance at the hamfest. Most importantly, however, please take time to remember the true meaning of Christmas and celebrate it in all it’s glory with your family, co-workers and friends.

Have a Joyous Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year

Bob Myers, K4RVM
GLHA Chairman

P.S. Be sure to mark your 2016 calendar for Greater Louisville Hamfest 2016 and ARRL Kentucky State Convention on Saturday, September 10, 2016. More details will be at and in emails next year.

The Ham Lunch Bunch gathering!

imageCentral Kentucky Area Amateur Operators…
The Ham Lunch Bunch from around Lexington, KY area met today for a Christmas Luncheon at 11 AM at Country Cookin’ by George and all present enjoyed lively conversation and a good home cooked style meal as usual. Left to right in this photo are Jim, KF4DXK; Barry, K4MNF; Alan, KY1O; Daniel, N4EXW; Ronnie, KF4MOM; Harold, K4HOD; and Pete, WD4GPO.