Annual Appalachian Bike Tour Scholarship Ride Lawrence County by Donna Childers Ross Leedy, Jenny Leedy, Joe Compton and Leonard Compton ham radio operators for this event. The scenic tour, sponsored by the Lawrence County Democratic Woman’s Club, has attracted bike enthusiasts from five states and offers cyclists a choice of two circuits, ranging from 30 to 60 miles. The ride begins at the Yatesville Marina and loops throughout Lawrence County including Blaine, Webbville, Fallsburg, Cherryville and Charley depending upon the circuit the cyclist chooses. Volunteers operate at rest stops with food and drink along the route. A particularly popular aspect of the ride is the hot dog dinner at the finish for fun and fellowship. In an effort to enhance safety and track the cyclists, the Big Sandy Amateur Radio Club of Louisa and Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department volunteer their time and skills each year to assist in communications. The tour also has a roving “sag wagon” with water and snacks and a lift back to the marina to assist distressed riders. The event is a fundraiser for a college scholarship awarded each spring to a deserving senior from Lawrence County High School. Thanks Fred WA4SWF for the update on this activity.

Fall is Antenna Time

20150124_FirstSnow_2015 (20)The heat of summer is starting to fade and before you know it, the leaves will have turn various colors and fallen to be raked and composted.  And the cold grip of winter will rear its’ ugly head when you least expect.

Now is the time to get those antennae winter prepped.  There is nothing more frustrating than to be stuck in the house with a six or eight inch snowfall and have a broken antenna.  It’s time now to reinforce that dipole or inverted V, fix that yagi that’s acting a bit off or lay out the radials for that 160 vertical after the last grass cutting.

Get to it now so you can enjoy that warm cup of your favorite beverage, while the snow flies and while you that all time new one in the log.


STM-KY Attends District 3 Meeting

STM-KY Jim KC4BQK attended the D3 meeting on September 26th at the Utica Fire Station. Nick NV9V, DEC3, held a very lively and informative meeting about the current happenings in District 3. There is a lot of exciting things in the works for D3. The big one is the grant Bob AA4RL, EC Daviess County, is working on. The group decided to pursue some equipment to enhance the digital capabilities in D3. There was also a lively conversation about the nets and Net Managers, and also why reporting is important. It looks like D3 has a bright future planned. Thanks to all that attended.

Nick White NV9V, DEC3
Bob Spears AA4RL, EC Daviess County
Jeff Horton KK4IDX, AEC Daviess County
Kimber Heddens KI4GWN, EC Henderson County
Joe O’Bryan KV4YK
Phil Casper KK4YHV
Jim Brown KK4PZM
Steve Morgan W4NHO
Harold Gillim WE4G
Jonny Norrisimage

ARRL warns of email phishing scam

@arrl: Phishing Scheme Targeting ARRL E-Mail Forwarding Service Participants: A phishing scheme currently afoot has b…

Black Mountain Bike Ride

Black Mountain Madness 2015submitted by Fred Jones WA4SWF

The Black Mountain Madness bicycle Ride to the Summit was Saturday Sept. 19th with 35 bicycle riders leaving Cumberland Senior Citizen Center in Harlan County for Loyall near the City of Harlan then back tracking through Cumberland and the old coal mining towns of Benham and Lynch to the Summit on the Virginia line some 4000 ft in elevation and a 70 some mile ride after riding back down the treacherous curving highway back to Cumberland.   The first rider took 3 hours 18 minutes to complete the course and last rider 5 hours 59 minutes.

It was a long day with Amateurs Radio Operators meeting up at 6 am for event briefing. Communications were handled via the Harlan and the Lynch 2 meter repeaters.

Ham Radio Operators/ARES Members participating were:

Black Mountain Madness 2015 2Wayne Hensley AF4YJ from Harlan County
John Ingram KC4CG from Harlan County
Terri Kelly KM4MKG from Harlan County
Mike Kelly KJ4FVY from Harlan County
Don Ricard W1LQE from Harlan County
Joe Takacs KK4AJB from Fayette County
Roy Covin KJ4YSY from Fayette County
Johnnie Brashear KY4JLB from Perry County
David Pierce KE4OZS from Perry County
Ernie Fugate KK4LLG from Knott County (was on way to event when had collision with a deer and his vehicle became disabled).



Special Event Station K4L

The Lincoln Trail Amateur Radio Club in conjunction with Hardin County ARES will be sponsoring a Special Event Station at Lincoln Days in LaRue County October 3rd and 4th. Lincoln Days is held in Hodgenville KY each year on the same weekend. There is a special QSL card made for the event for more information you can go to the Lincoln Trail Amateur Radio Club Website at


SEC Cecil K4TCD, has been contacted needing operators for a simulated airplane crash drill set for Saturday morning 9-25-2015

“We are treating this as a “REAL TIME ACTIVATION DRILL” giving our operators short notice for activation”  Cecil K4TCD stated.

This should give us an indication on availability in short notice alerts and requests from county EM’s

Operators who can assist should email SEC Cecil K4TCD at : or or call him at 859-743-1232 alert

SEC-KY meets with Scott County

image image imageSEC-KY Cecil K4TCD met with Scott County Amateurs on Saturday Sept 19th. “It was great meeting with some dedicated ham emergency operators” Cecil said


KY Section Manager Alan Morgan KY1O at ARRL Headquarters for orientation and education on the many programs , services and assistance your ARRL can provide the Ham community- he will bring this experience and knowledge back to the commonwealth to better serve Amateur Radioimage


imageSection Manager Alan KY1O has appointed Jack Prindle AB4WS as the new District Emergency Coordinator (DEC) for District 7 in Region 3 ARES.

Jack AB4WS was first licensed in 1970. Jack has recently retired after 35 years as a police officer, retiring with the rank of Major in the Boone County Sheriffs Office.

Jack also held an EMT certification for 30 years. Jack is currently active with VHF/UHF/DTSAR/and HF operation from home and mobile.

Jack replaces Greg W4TSA who is Asst. Section Manager-KY R3 and PIC.