Kudos N8TTR

Mike Chowning N8TTR recently received an award from Kentucky Mountains Amateur Radio Club, Inc. for his outstanding service and contributions in getting a Communication Trailer with equipment for emergency use in Dist 10 and for other club activities. 

Shown is Mike N8TTR standing behind trailer and John Farler K4AVX presenting the award at a Club meeting.

Pictures by Johnnie Brashear KY4JLB Pres KMARC, Inc.

Towers, Towers, Towers

Is it still the ham dream to have the big tower and antennas or is this a dream from days gone by?  The reason this question comes up is that it seems that no one wants to climb anymore.  Those few of us that do climb are in high demand.  So to help the cause, I’d like to develop a list of people around the Commonwealth that are willing to do tower work for other ham operators.  I’m not talking about the freebie job but a viable list of qualified climbers that will work a bit cheaper than the professional.

If you’d like to be on that list and maybe get a referral to do a tower job somewhere around your neck of the woods.  Drop me an email, click on my callsign below for an email link


73 de KC4WQ

Field Day 2015

Morehead ARC, really sitting in a field for Field Day 2015

Field Day 2015 is now in the book!  How did your group do?

I received a sad email from an Eastern KY group a couple of days before Field Day cancelling their operation due to lack of interest and participation.  That got me to thinking.  Why would a group, that had done many a Field Day together, have to cancel their FD operation for such an onerous reason?

As I’ve written in past articles, clubs are the lifeblood of amateur radio, followed closely by hamfests.  Why, you ask?  A simple answer is eye to eye contact.  You can learn just so much surfing the web or chatting on 75 meters.  Most people learn by doing.  They learn by emulating what someone else shows them.  It is the rare individual that can discern knowledge from his or her pure intellect.  So, for most of us, it requires some guidance.  Learning requires watching someone else use a soldering gun.  It requires reading through the directions and bouncing ideas off another hams noggin to make things work as they should.  Join a club or develop a large and diverse group of ham friends.

So, Field Day 2015.  If you didn’t participate, ask yourself why.  If you did, what did you learn or better yet what did you pass on to another ham.  And by the way, learning doesn’t always go from old timer to newby.  Many times, the old man in the group learns something from the new kid on the block.

If your club or informal group is suffering due to lack of enthusiasm, participation or lack of interest, do something to stir the pot.  Invite new blood in to refire those old brain cells.  Nothing better to kindle the fire of enthusiasm than a new ham looking for guidance and support.  Do something different.  If you’ve gotten stuck on one particular frequency and one particular group, spin the dial.  Introduce new conversation into the mix.  Talk about something other than your aches and pains and what the weather is doing at the particular moment.  Most of us have access to the Weather Channel.

W4KBR GOTA station youngest op 7 years old

And lastly, when you love something and you want to see it continue, train your replacement.  We all get tired and interests vary, so make sure that you mentor that new face in the crowd and make certain that those worthwhile ventures continue.

There were several very successful Field Day operations around the Commonwealth this year.  The Bullitt ARS (KY4KY 2F) set a new club record.  This group has placed in the top 3 of their chosen category for the past 6 or 8 years.  Field Day is a big deal in Bullitt County.  Scott County ARC printed out first contact certificates.  Truly a memorable gift and a great way spur further interest in ham radio. Kudos to Scott Co ARC for a well thought out effort to introduce amateur radio to a new generation.

Scott Co ARC

Thanks to the many clubs that submitted Field Day pictures.  Enjoy the sights and see you at the next operating event. Check back over the next few weeks as pictures get added from other KY Field Day operations.  My thanks to all who took time to send me some of their Field Day pictures via KYHAM

CW Station Op Gene Summers N4FZ

Paducah ARA











Northern Ky ARC






















Northern Ky ARC









Morehead ARC





















Morehead ARC
































L to R are Mike Newman WD4EFZ, Bruce Huyck KS4V and Ed Pflueger AB4IQ. Photo by Ron Cowherd K4GYD









Matt KK4ZDZ explaining Software Defined Radio










Bullitt ARS










LTARC KK4DEO-operating-40-phone-with-KK4YMU-WD4KBP-in-background













Kentucky Mountains ARC and Letcher County ARC








Kentucky Mountains Amateur Radio Club and Letcher County Amateur Radio Club









Kentucky Mountains Amateur Radio Club and Letcher County Amateur Radio Club








Bluegrass ARS










Bluegrass ARS












Bluegrass ARS










Blugrass ARS









Scott Co ARC First Contact Award
















Scott Co Field Day















Scott County









Harlan Co FD 2015 First HF contact











The Harlan radio club met at Steve Tolliver's home for field day and cookout. Those In attendance were Steve KC4FNV, John K4AVX, David ND4Y, Terry KK4MKG, Mike KJ4FVY and Wayne AF4YJ. Terry and Mike made their first HF contacts