Kentucky Contest Group

The KCG (Kentucky Contest Group) meets annually at the Dayton Hamvention and this year was no exception.  On the agenda was a motion to modify the boundaries of the group to increase the potential contest members.  The group decided to move the central point a bit to the west and now includes the area around Paducah.  So if you’re a contester in the western part of Kentucky, the circle now includes your QTH.

If you’d like to get updates from the KCG, contact Dave Smith ND4Y.  If you’re already a member of KCG and aren’t receiving updates, drop Dave an email as well.

Remember, also, when you submit a contest score use ‘Kentucky Contest Group’ spelled out to ensure proper credit.  Every score, no matter how small, adds to the total.  So check the circle and see if you’re within the new boundaries for KCG.  And notice, it covers a substantial part of Tennessee and Indiana.

Need some more information?  Check out KCG on Facebook.

Dayton and W5KUB

Well, I missed Dayton again!  I’ve been licensed since the late 1970’s and have only made Dayton 1 time!  It always seems that life gets in the way.  If it wasn’t baseball with my kids, it was something else.  Yesterday I had to spend the day with KI4GDR (our youngest) as he graduated from WKU in Bowling Green.  That’s a good reason to miss Dayton.

However, for many years now there has been one ham that has brought those less fortunate a virtual visit to the Dayton Hamvention as well as several other regional hamfests.  That ham is Tom Medlin W5KUB.  Tom hails from Memphis TN these days and is retired from Fed Ex.  He travels with his close knit entourage and not only brings you the hamfest, up close and FREE but streams the entire trip from his truck

KC4WQ with W5KUB

to and from Memphis.  This has to be near the top of the ham geek pyramid and should make any technophobe blush with envy.

As Tom and friends were making their way home from Dayton today, hunger pangs had them jump off Interstate 65 just south of Louisville at the Brooks exit.  This is just a mere 1.5 miles from the KY4KY 146.70 repeater site and only 3 miles from my house.  So being the overbearing person I am, off I wandered to Cracker Barrel to introduce myself and thank Tom and friends for another great Dayton broadcast.

Tom was amused, I believe, that a local ham would drop in and say hi!  But it was a good visit.  He got fed well, I’m sure.  I know firsthand that this Cracker Barrel has some good cooks!  Check out Tom’s website at for more information on his video projects.  Thanks again Tom for all you do for amateur radio.