New DX Cluster

The Ky DX Association, recently affiliated with the ARRL, is now offering DX cluster service.  Following is the information provided by the club.  Thanks to Glenn KE4KY and Dave N8ZFM for the info.  You can also use your browser to watch the cluster, if you’d prefer to not log on.

The Kentucky DX Association, Inc. (KY4XX) has been working on placing a new and updated contest and DX packet cluster on the Internet. After several months, a new, improved, and very fast DX Cluster originating from the Louisville area is now ready to go live!

The KY4XX-3 DX Cluster node is in full operation and all members (and non-members) are welcome and encouraged to use the spotting node.  Because of a call sign change following the testing period, anyone that was previously registered will have to re-register, I apologize for this inconvenience but it was necessary.

To connect, telnet to or you can utilize the actual address of, however using the name is the preferred method.

On your 1st connection you will be an “un-registered user”, you will be able to see all of the spots but you will not be able to post. This is due to the number of internet hackers out there who post garbage to the world wide cluster.    Registration is very easy,  you just send me a message once connected.

In the transmit line, enter SP N8ZFM (yourCall) (youremail)

The syntax should look like:  SP N8ZFM WA4XYZ

Once the private message is sent to me, I will use the email address provided to send you the password to now have full access to the cluster.

Once you receive your password, should you be so inclined, the password may be changed by sending the set/password command, with the system prompting you to change the password.