Black Mountain Madness Bicycle Ride

by Fred Jones WA4SWF

On Oct. 4th, 2014 the Harlan County Amateur Radio Club was again requested to provide communication for the Cumberland Tourism which held its 2nd Ride to the Summit of Black Mountain which this year was named Black Mountain Madness dubbed the “Biggest Darn Hill in the State of Kentucky.” 30 bicycle riders came to ride the 70 plus miles starting from Cumberland to Loyal and back to Cumberland and passing through Benham and Lynch to the summit of Black Mountain at the Virginia State Line. The temp at the top was 36 degrees and never got much warmer! Ham Radio Operators were stationed along the way at SAG stops where tourism personnel gave the riders water and snacks. There were no incidents or injuries and communication was done through the Harlan 2-meter and Lynch 2-meter repeaters. The event gave the Hams training in providing accurate information via the radio and was run in an organized manner. A debriefing was held and the vent headquarters where food was provided and the bicycle riders could interact with the ham operators. Hams were also given an event t-shirt.

Pictured left to right KK4AJB Joe Takacs Fayette Co, KK4WRU Kevin Hendrickson Perry Co, AF4YJ Wayne Hensley Harlan Co, KK4LLG Ernie Fugate Knott Co, KV4ZH Will Christman Harlan Co, KY4JLB Johnnie Brashear Perry Co, KC4FNV Steve Tolliver Harlan Co, Not pictured are KJ4FVY Mike Kelly, KK4MKG Terri Kelly, KM4CTJ Adam Gibbons, all from Harlan Co




So just who actually reads KY Ham News?

While I note that the kyham reflector gets adequate use, I was wondering who actually spends time reading the articles posted here on KYHAM news.  One of my observations about Kentucky, in general, compared to other states in which I’ve lived, is that there seems to be a disconnect between the different areas of the Commonwealth.  And that KY is a hidden treasure that never gets its’ proper recognition, outside of maybe one day in May.

I know amateur radio is alive and well in the Commonwealth but there isn’t too much bragging about it!  This forum is a great place to tell the world about what your club is doing or what special event is planned in your neck of the woods.  But it takes input to get output.  It takes advertising to make a good event great.  And it takes people to provide that input.

So if you’re reading this, please drop me an email and let me know that there is an audience out there…….

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