ARES appointments

Fred Jones WA4SWF

Region 4 has several new appointees and we welcome them as ARES officials. All are well-qualified, and will help strengthen ARES in Eastern KY. The first is Chris Hecker, who takes over the EC position in Johnson Co. in District 9. Chris is very experienced, and works as the Regional EM Coordinator for EM Region 10.

His experience includes Kentucky Division of Emergency Management Regional Response Manager Region 8 ((KyEM) – previously Kentucky Division of Emergency Management Duty Officer Frankfort State Emergency Operations Center – State Communications Emergency Response Team (Big Blue Truck) Brag book available upon request. ICS 100, 200, 300, 400, 700, 800 FEMA Professional Development Series Numerous accommodations from State KY and FEMA for Declared Disasters. Kentucky Colonel Kentucky Emergency Management Association Member Law Enforcement Academy – Florida.

Chris holds the amateur license KF4EJS, is a general class licensee, and lives in Van Lear, KY. near Paintsville. He is a member of ARRL, attends the Paintsville ARC, and is a KyEM Emergency Operations Center Operator / KyEM Mobile Command Post Deployment Team (Big Blue Truck).

Also in District 9, Allen Epling, WB4WAU, has been the EC for Pike Co. for several months, and has made good progress in recruiting and putting ARES on the map with the Thursday night net.

Allen was licensed as WB4WAU in 1973, obtained his Advanced license in 1974, He served as EC of Pike County for a while in the 80’s. He has a General Radiotelephone FCC issued license, obtained the First Class Radiotelephone license in 1974, and operated an AM/FM broadcast facility for 14 years as the Broadcast Engineer and Owner.

He has alternative backup power in case the grid goes down and has radios on all bands that will operate from 12V. DC. I have Served as the AEC for Pike County for the past 2 years and conduct the Pike County ARES Net every Thursday at 9pm on 145.15 repeater in the East KY Repeater Link System.

Allen belongs to the ARRL, and is active on the Country Cousins Net. In addition he can operate the following: Packet: VHF/UHF, CW: HF, SSB: ,VHF/UHF; FM: VHF/UHF; Other: HF,VHF/UHF

In District 10, Christopher Riffe, N4QBE, has taken the EC position. Chris was first licensed in 1984. He is a Kentucky certified EMT. He works for Ferus in Jenkins, KY as Team Lead in their cryogenic nitrogen plant. He attended Morehead State University and graduated with a degree in Industrial Electricity and Electronics in 1991.

Chris holds a general class license, is an ARRL member and belongs to the Letcher Co. Amateur Radio Club. He lives in Thornton, KY. and operates CW: HF, SSB: HF, and FM: VHF/UHF.

Chris says “I have always been interested in the emergency services side of amateur radio. I was net control of the Carter County Emergency 2 Meter Net from about 1986 to 1988.”

We have several new Assistant Emergency Coordinators. Donnie Eldridge, KJ4LOB, has become a familiar voice as Net Control for the Letcher Co. ARES Skywarn Net in the past couple of months. Donnie holds a General Class License, and lives at Hallie in Letcher Co. He operates SSB: HF, FM:VHF/UHF.

Donnie says “I have been net control for Letcher County Ares Skywarn Net for (several) months, and also help as net control for other Ares nets in East Ky. Linked System. I enjoy helping when I can.”

Larry E. Thacker, KI4MOA, has taken an Assistant Emergency Coordinator for Pike Co. in District 9. Larry is a retired teacher from the KY Technical Education System. He graduated from Morehead State College and worked at the Paintsville Technical School,. Larry is a Vietnam Veteran, and is married with two children.

He has held a Ham radio license since 2005, and has an Extra Class License. An ARRL member, he can operate SSB: HF. and FM: VHF/UHF. Larry lives in Shelbiana and his main interest in amateur radio is Amateur Radio Emergency Communications and Emergency Preparedness. He will be a good asset in Pike County, the biggest county in the state in area.

He ended his bio with the following, a truism -“Life is a great teacher, unfortunately it kills all its pupils!”

Reported by,

John Farler, K4AVX

ARES Region 4 ASEC

Tower time???

The dog days of summer are definitely upon us.  While this summer has been a gem compared to the triple digits temperatures of last year, it still is hot and humid.

Of course, our antennas need to be maintained regardless of the season.  But this time of year can be especially troublesome.  Thunderstorms and wind may have dislocated that wire or torqued that yagi a tad.  And these things need to be repaired before the onset of bitter cold winter.

The ideal time to work on these aluminum marvels is, of course, 70F, a little sun and a light breeze.  But it never seems to work out that way.  Tower work this time of year can be surprisingly dangerous.  Heat becomes and issue not just on the guy or gal on the tower. (Yes, there are some accomplished female climbers).  But heat can make a lot of your work for naught when the cold arrives.  All that aluminum expands just a bit when it gets hot and that same aluminum contacts a bit when it gets cold.  Not a sizable amount, but just enough to make that summer tight fit loose enough to turn in one of those nasty cold winter winds.

So a couple of things to consider when working on your tower this time of year…… 1. lots of liquids, never too much water 2. don’t overdo it (if you feel tired get off the tower) and 3. consider another 1/4 or 1/2 turn on that nut or bolt to compensate for the winter shrinkage.

Be safe above all!