Flatwoods Repeater 146.895 Back on the air

After an extended absence, the repeater on Flatwoods Mountain at Dorton, KY in Pike County is back on the air. The only change from before is that the access tone has changed to 127.3 from the old, published tone. The owner of the repeater, KC4KZT, Henry Clark, has plans in the immediate future to link it into the East KY Link System of repeaters, which will extend coverage of the system to parts of Southeastern Pike County and west on the Mountain Parkway to areas that have previously been dark to the system. The data on the repeater is that the frequency is 146.895 with a positive offset of 147.495 and access tone of 127.3. It is located at an elevation of 2815 feet AMSL with the antenna, a Hustler G7-144 vertical mounted on a tower at the 50 foot level. Henry likes to make a point of the fact that, if you stand on the point where the repeater is located looking west, the only site higher than this one is in the Rocky Mountains. This is a big plus for amateur radio in Eastern KY and I look forward to using it.

District 9 COMEX Report

On 7/11/2013 8:24 AM, John Hager wrote:
District 9 ARES was involved in the COMEX exercise for both days. We were unable to communicate with the EOC in Frankfort via HF on 40and 75 meters .We could faintly hear the transmission from the EOC. On the second day we were able to establish communications to the EOC via Echolink without any problem but we cannot depend on echolink should internet service be interrupted during a real incident. AS DEC for District 9 I operated from Paul B. Hall Regional Medical Centers ham setup in Paintsville.
On a side note prior to the echolink portion of the Comex exercise locally for Paintsville/Johnson County hams participated in communicating via 2 meter simplex from various Johnson County Fire Departments to Paul B. Hall Regional Medical Center. Eight of the twelve departments were able to communicate using simplex. Due to our mountainous terrain we were limited in our ability to communicate with all of the county departments. Plans and tests are being conducted so we will hopefully have 100% simplex communications with al county fire departments. The 147.225 repeater at the present time has coverage to all county departments.

Sincerely Submitted
John M. Hager N4KJU
District 9 DEC

Field Day 2013 Hazard

The Kentucky Mountains Amateur Radio Club, The Letcher County Amateur Radio Club and the Harlan County Amateur Radio Club joined in together for Field Day again on top of Pine Mt US 119 at the Whitesburg end of the Little Sheppard Trail lookout for a day of fun. Tim Webb KK4WH won the drawing for the Kenwood TM-281A and Homer Fox KI4GEW won the drawing for the Yaesu FT-2900R Radios. In attendance were 20 Persons listed below:
KY4JLB Johnnie Brashear
KK4LLG Ernie Fugate
KB4ZHK Bert Hurt
KK4QBV John Back
KJ4ZZN Jack Caudill
ND4Y Dave Smith
K4MT Terry Richardson
AF4YJ Wayne Hensley
N4QBE Chris Riffe
KK4CZO Gary Oliver
KJ4LOB Donnie Eldridge with guest Josh Collins
KF4MF Danny Wright with guest Daniel Adams
WI4M Sid Adams with guest Ed Adams
KI4GEW Homer Fox
NQ4C Burl Estep
KD4YHW Matthew Turner
WB4NZS Morris Caudill

Morris seemed to enjoy the MFJ CW QRP Rigs on 15 and 20 Meters, Gary had His solar panels and battery setup running 40 Meters, Johnnie had a 6 Meter setup, and Burl enjoyed demonstrating His Sheath antenna although no one seemed to be able to see it. Jack was head cook on the grill and did a wonderful job of preparing the burgers and dogs. Jim was hostess and waiter for the event and as usual had everything in order. All in all We had a great time and no one came down with heat stroke. Johnnie Brashear KY4JLB President KY Mountains Amateur Radio Club

Field Day 2013 Paintsville

Here is a list of Member who attended from the Big Sandy and Louisa Amateur Radio Clubs during the 2013 ARRL Field Days at Paintsville Lake State Park on June 22-23 2013.
WA4SWF – Fred Jones
WD4CLW – Bill Callihan
WB4WAV – Allen Edima
KF4EJS – Chris Hecker
KY4CM – Curtis Meade
KG4VMB – Virgil Ferguson
K4KBR – Ken Robinson
KV4AJ – TJ Hoover
KI4EGC – Gary Mullins
KJ4GRJ – Ross Leedy
KJ4VCU – Jennifer Leedy
K4MFD – Jeff Bible
KK4DAC – Diane Lafferty
KF4JJE – Clay Johnson
N4KJU – Johnny Hager
AE4JS – James Pickle
KI4NL – Don Castle

We had a total of 13 visitors that can and spent time with us while many of the park visitors and campers stopped by to talk and ask questions.
We had a total of 401 contacts during Field Days.
Attached are pictures that you may would like to have of the days for you articles.

Thank you
Diane Lafferty KK4DAC

2013 Field Day Wrap-up

I hope your Field Day operation was a success.  From all indications, FD around the region was a smashing success and tons of fun.

Operating (left to right) Roman Rusinek KE6YCW, Rick Ewen W4TLE, Chuck Allen KY4CA, Robert Brown KD4HGE

Roman KE6YCW reports from the Oldham Co ARES FD site : The Oldham County ARES group held its second annual Field Day activities at the American Red Cross building in Buckner, KY. We were on an abbreviated schedule with setup starting around 11:00am and operated until 8:00pm on Saturday, June 22, 2013. Learning lessons from last year’s Field Day, the time to setup and breakdown was greatly reduced. We operated one HF station and two UHF/VHF stations using a generator for emergency power. Two masts with dual-band antennas for UHF/VHF and a “Buddy Pole” for HF provided the necessary communication links.

The ARES EC for Oldham County, Michael Uber (KG4ZPZ), acquired some new equipment while attending the 2013 Dayton Hamvention. One of the goals of this year’s Field Day was to utilize some of that new equipment, establish a working packet station, and use the time as teaching moments. For example, who knew that a brand new TNC would not come with cables of any kind. However, with parts and pieces from others on the team, we found the necessary components to successfully assemble the packet station and send some messages.

We were also fortunate to have one of the new fire trucks from the LaGrange Fire & Rescue Department, and a seasoned operator in Keith Smith to give everyone a tour. We also had a visit from Paul Kern (NK4P/W4ARC), the American Red Cross Amateur Radio Communications Liaison, and Nancy Kern (K9NJK) from American Red Cross Disaster Services. They present the group with a certificate of appreciation from the American Red Cross for the work done to prepare in case of disasters. Those who participated in Field Day were: Michael Uber (KG4ZPZ) Oldham County ARES EC, Roman Rusinek  (KE6YCW) District 6 ARES DEC, Linda Rusinek (KE6YKN), Robert Brown (KD4HGE), Chuck Allen (KY4CA), Rick Ewen (W4TLE), and Henry Simpson (KA4PJK). We also had a visit from Craig Nelson (KB4IFE) Trimble County ARES EC.

David Lloyd K3EL operating the KY4KY CW station

From the Bullitt ARS via KC4S : the 2013 rendition of Field Day for the Bullitt ARS (KY4KY) was a record setting effort.  We operated 2F and had the privilege of hosting Dave K3EL of the ZL9HR DXpedition.  He joined team member Glenn KE4KY to man our CW station to just over 1300 QSO’s (in comfort as you can see via Ralph W4HK and his RV trailer).  K9GX provided some of the manpower for the SSB station and provided a radioastronomy lesson after the sun went down, checking out the super moon and watching the international space station fly by.  Prior to sunset, Mark set up a shadow box affair to indirectly observe sunspots.  Buddy KC4WQ provided the VHF/UHF station and added points for a satellite QSO and a solar powered operation.

Stacie KJ4OXS was ably assisted in kitchen duties and the barbecue feedbag was outstanding.  And Stacie does this on her birthday to boot.  Preliminary numbers are a significant increase over 2012’s effort and hope is we place in the top 3 again this year.  The club raffled off a 2m/7ocm HT won by Moses KK4LHI.  The raffle was very successful and BARS has purchased another radio to be raffled off at the Louisville Hamfest.  Stop by the BARS booth to grab your ticket.

Next event for the BARS club is a contest effort at Glenn KE4KY’s QTH for the July ARRL Radiosport effort.  If you’re interested in helping out or learning a bit more about contesting contact  Glenn.

Reporting from the Hazard Field Day effort –  John Farler K4AVX

– The Hazard Club, The Kentucky Mountains Amateur Radio Club held its Field Day with the two other active clubs in Kentucky ARES District 10 near Whitesburg on Pine Mountain.  At 2600 feet above sea level, the location is at the top of the mountain on US 119 at the trailheads for The Little Shepherd Trail and the Pine Mountain Trail.

About 25 members and some visitors showed up from the 3 clubs, including the host Letcher Co. Club, KMARC, and  the Harlan County Amateur Radio Club. The weather was extremely hot, even on the mountain, but a good time was enjoyed.  A two meter radio is raffled off each year by KMARC, and the winner was  Homer Fox, KI4GEW, from Harlan.

Radios were all run from battery supplies, with one solar powered station.  Twenty meter rigs suffered some interference, not from the other FD radios, but perhaps from the one of the many transmitters near the site, including FM Broadcast, two-way, and cellular towers.

From the Louisville ARTS club via Chris DeMarsh KI4RDG – For the third year, the A.R.T.S. club held it’s annual Field Day at Baringer Hill in Louisville’s Cherokee Park. They began setting up Saturday at 9am and operated on HF SSB, HF CW and VHF SSB/FM. They operated SSB on HF using an ElecraftK3 with Heil headset. The CW station consisted of a Yaesu FT-450, an LDG tuner and MFJ electronic keyer. Both the CW and SSB stations operated using MFJ102ft G5RV antennas. The VHF station was a Yaesu FT-897 connected to an 11element yagi for 2 meters and a 3 element yagi for 6 meters, both mounted on a 30ft mast with rotator.

After a pizza dinner, they held a fox hunt which was participated in by the younger club members. For the first time, the A.R.T.S. club had a webcam at the FD site transmitting SSTVimages over the W4CN repeater.  In the evening hours, the weather appeared to be taking a turn for the worse, fortunately for them the rain stayed north of the Ohio river and operations continued through the night uninterrupted.  Sunday morning brought new operators to the site and a special visitor. Mark Boxley, a reporter for the Courier-Journal in Louisville, paid a visit to the A.R.T.S. field day to write a story about the club and amateur radio. The story appeared in the Monday June 24 edition of the Louisville paper. The article can also be seen at this link.
Total contacts for the A.R.T.S. club have not been tallied yet but usually numbers around 1000.  The following are just some of the amateurs who came out to operate:Don Hoover WS4E and his son, Chris DeMarsh KI4RDG, Robert Klein KY1RK, Ted Sims AI4LV, Dave Tasman WB4LJX, Marc Feld KG4FJR, Max Meiners KK4LBN, Guy Partridge K4KZH, Eddie Hall K4EDH, Greg Gowron WX8V, Larry Rodan K4LLR, Charles Walz KI4NOC, David Rees KK4KOE, Paul Link KA4MKT, Dylan Lear KJ4YXY, plus many more.
Many thanks to all that submitted a short synopsis of their field day operation.  Remember that Field Day always occurs on the 4th full weekend of June.  It’s always a great time to get your feet wet on HF or meet some of those voices from the local repeaters and most clubs have a great feedbag!  The Louisville Hamfest will be here before you know it.  Check out their website and plan on attending.  It’s a great time