It’s antenna time

I just received the latest issue of QST and March always brings on visions of monster quads or 80 meter curtains. So what are you planning for the upcoming spring/summer for antenna projects?

Unless you have unlimited funds and/or land, your antennas will be a bit of a compromise to match your operating techniques and style. Of course an understanding spouse goes a long way as well.

As far me, my wife is unbelievably understanding. She has tolerated my obsession for well over 2 decades, including 4 towers and all kinds of toys. She even after 20 years of marriage broke down and got her tech ticket a couple of years back!

For me, I have several antennas that need maintenance after some winter wind and ice and a rotator that doesn’t want to turn right. So what’s on your to-do list?

Whatever it is, be safe and get on the air. Try your best to make at least one contact a day and get those antennas up in the air.