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Welcome to 2013. I hope you rang the new year in safely and warmly. One of the highlights of the new year, at least for ham operators, is the straight key night. Hundreds of our brethren drag the old J38 or similar device out and hook it up for a night of straight key CW. In this age of iambic keyers and keyboard CW, it’s a great step back into history and a way to scrape the rust off a technique that has been used since before radio. If you participated, then you know how much fun it was. If you didn’t, well there’s always next new years eve!

So what do you have planned on your radio horizon? 2013 offers more sunspots (hopefully) and more activity. This past week saw some FB openings on 6 meters with F2 reports to VK/ZL from the eastern US. Ten meters has been showing life and as this is written EU is well represented into KY on 10 meters.

Several years ago there was an informal club started around the area, the MOCAD radio club. There is no roster or dues and there are no meetings. The only requirement to be a member is to make one contact a day via amateur radio. Remember we are all about communicating and radios that just sit and gather dust provide no communicating. Grab the mike, key or digital format of your choice and fire that rig up. Make one a day and rekindle the fun and excitement of amateur radio. By the way, talking to the same bunch doesn’t count. Find a new friend and enjoy this avocation we call ham radio.

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