New clubs, old clubs or WHY clubs!

All of us have that special aspect of amateur radio that we favor. For some, it’s the public service aspect. For others tinkering and building and for others the thrill of busting the pile up for that new one. Regardless, belonging to a club, especially one that favors that special interest, makes the enjoyment of amateur radio that much more fulfilling.

There are many clubs that have come and gone over the decades of amateur radio history. Does anyone remember the ABC Club around the Louisville area in the 1950’s?

Probably not! But there is one club in particular that is starting to grow again. That’s the Derby City DX Association. This club was started back in the early 1980’s as a sub-club of the Louisville ARTS club. Now, a few decades later, it is a loose knit stand alone group of hams, dedicated to the art and challenge of DXing. One member, Glenn Petri KE4KY has even been selected to be part of the ZL9HR DXpedition this November. The DCDXA also hosts a telnet DX cluster node at So if you’re into DXing, this is a knowledgeable group with which you might like to affiliate.

Regardless of your interest in amateur radio, finding a good club can provide valuable elmering, many decades of experience and the answers to some of those nagging ‘why does it do that’ questions.

Clubs with which I am familiar in the metro area are the Bullitt ARS, ARTS , Clark Co ARC and the DCDXA. Look them up, attend a meeting and expand your horizons in amateur radio and maybe even make a new friends or twelve!

Hope to see many of you at the Louisville Hamfest this coming Saturday at Paroquet Springs Conference Center in Shepherdsville. This is the largest ham radio social event in the metro area, so come out and support the organizers, meet some folks face to face and check out some of the clubs mentioned above. I’ll be around the Bullitt ARS booth more than likely.