Web Site For Registering and Joining ARES

Tim Webb, KK4WH, wants to post the registration site for joining ARES.

“Hey folks, if you haven’t signed up and joined ARES I have the link below that will take you to the sign up page. Just include the information that you can and hit the Submit button.

Please try to check into the Letcher County ARES Net, Monday nights at 9:00pm on 145.350 and the East Ky. Link System repeaters. You DO NOT have to be a member of ARES to check into the net.”


Tim Webb,
Letcher County Amateur Radio Club

Letcher Co. Emergency Coordinator – District 10 / Region 4


224.960 – 203.5 – KK4WH/R
444.250 + 107.2 – KK4WH/R Coming Soon!
145.350 – 186.2 – KK4WH/R

224.320 – 203.5 – Black Mtn. Coming Soon!

(606) 335-1487

(606) 589-3324

(606) 633-0279 ext. 13324

Results, results, results

Have the summer doldrums and lack of rain got you down? Has it been just too darned hot to work on antennas? Lack of sunspots have you spending more time in the pool than on the air?

If so, you’re not alone. But there are contacts to be made. I operated from the Bullitt ARS Field Day site this year and the place was abuzz with new hams. The CW station bested their mark from last year by 70 QSO’s ending just shy of 1100 Q’s and the phone station hosted many a recently licensed ham.

So how does one club get these results?

The Bullitt ARS began several years ago hosting the St Aloysius RC. This was a class of 4th through 8th graders at St Aloysius school in Shepherdsville and became the states first ARRL Big Project school. From that effort grew the occasional ‘Tech in a Weekend’ classes. This concept wasn’t unique but the Bullitt ARS has made it their own. The classes run from a Friday evening, for about 4 hours, and then the next Saturday morning for usually no more than 5 hours, with a testing session scheduled immediately following. Success rates have been around 90%. But the true success of the program is the mentoring follow up. Any successful candidate is offered the remainder of the years membership to the club with an application and payment for the following years dues. This immediately gets the new ham into a group of mentors who can share their experiences, answer those newby questions and get the new ham on the right track. The Bullitt ARS will be offering the next Tech in a Weekend class August 24 and 25 at the Zoneton Fire Department on Preston Hwy in northern Bullitt County. There is no cost for the instruction but there will be the standard VEC fee for the testing session. Register via email

So to keep your club happy and healthy, start by training your replacements. Offer an entry level course in amateur radio. Invite a local science class to experience amateur radio for a day. Talk to a local boy scout unit about the radio merit badge. But most of all, operate to get results and share our avocation with all who cross your path.

Also look for an article in the September issue of Monitoring Times by yours truly.

Keep the airwaves hoppin’ and try to make at least one contact a day.

Field Day Pictures from Paintsville Lake State Park

The Field Day operations at Paintsville Lake State Park were hugely successful. According to Fred Jones, WA4SWF, over 400 contacts were made at the Paintsville site. Pictures of operations follow: