Merry Christmas 2011

Hi KyHAM readers. Here’s wishing you the very best this Christmas from our home to yours. I have been blessed over the years immensely and ham radio has always been a huge part of that blessing. There are currently 4 hams residing at my QTH! My wife of several decades even pursued and passed the tech license a bit over a year ago.

Just curious if you are putting ham gear on your Christmas wish list? If so, I can make some suggestions for an expanded radio experience…… get yourself some digital equipment to interface with your radio gear!

There are so many digital formats available and all offer interesting radio experiences. Most recently I have forayed into JT65 for HF. Best QSO to date was working into VK land on 10 meters with 1/2 watt. That calculated out to just shy of 20,000 miles per watt!

Radio is all about learning and communicating. Expand your horizons for 2012 and try your hand at some digi communications.

Also a quick note about APRS. A lot of our ham community uses APRS (automatic position reporting system) to keep track of their travels. The Jefferson County Search Dog Association even uses APRS during their occasional searches for the lost. I have noticed in my travels around the state there are HUGE gaps in coverage for APRS digipeaters. Do you or your club have some old packet gear gathering dust? Why not consider putting your old digi gear on 144.39 MHz and help those APRS folks get their signals to iGates?

One last note, congratulations to Glenn Petri KE4KY, selected as the Bullitt ARS Amateur of the Year for 2011.

Thanks for reading along. My best to each and every one of you for 2012. 73