Kentucky Digital Net (KDN)


Henderson, KY, February 24, 2010—Ken Garrett, N4KLG, ARRL Kentucky, Section Emergency Coordinator announces the launch of Kentucky Digital Net (KDN)

With input about the need for digital support and training during the ARES Conference in October 2009, a team of ARES members set out to develop a digital net for Kentucky amateur radio operators.  Now, four months later, the Kentucky Digital Net will be called on a weekly basis to build and develop digital skills and practice emergency communications methods.  Simply put, the KDN will benefit all amateurs that participate.

According to Ken, the net will begin Wednesday, March 3, 2009, at 7:00 pm EST, 6:00 pm CST as follows:

  1. The KDN will operate on 3,585.00 MHz using PSK31 digital mode, using the upper side band (USB), up 1,000 Hz above the dial frequency.
  2. The Net will be held each Monday and  Wednesday evening at the above time and frequency.  Initially, Net Control will be KC4BQK,  Jim, in Henderson, KY.
  3. The net frequency may move up or down the band to avoid harmful interference with other stations.
  4. The KDN will be a directed net and will be managed by Jim Rayburn, KC4BQK. All hams interested in assuming the role as NCS are asked to contact Jim at Jim will maintain an ongoing calendar visible on the discussion forum at
  5. The net is open to all amateur radio operators interested in amateur radio communications and emergency preparedness in Kentucky and all other states.
  6. When checking-in, give the NCS your call sign and number of message or announcements for the net.  Otherwise, just advise “no traffic”.
  7. Last, practice net courtesy.

“This is a great opportunity for Kentucky amateur radio operators that have been interested in digital operations to start building stations and learning about the technology “, commented James Brooks KY4Z, KY ARRL Section Manager. “It is in the best traditions and spirit of the amateur radio to experiment with new technology for fun and for the good of our community”.

In keeping with this spirit, Ken stressed KDN users must remember the Kentucky Digital Net is a “work in progress”.  Everyone should expect to use different digital modes and frequencies to find out what works best.  So, it is important for everybody to be in experiment mode.

Concluding, Ken Garrett said, “we don’t have all the answers, but we recognize the need.  So let us work together to build the KDN into something we can all be proud of.  I would like to thank everyone who has worked so hard get us to this point.  It has been quite an undertaking and I appreciate all the hard work.  I look forward to hearing everyone check-in on 3585 MHz, Wednesday, March 3, at 7:00 pm (6:00 pm CST).  73 de N4KLG

For More Information contact:
Nick White, NV9V, ARRL Kentucky Public Information Coordinator 270-256-7775 or

Jim Rayburn, KC4BQK, KDN NCS,

Ken Garrett, ARRL Kentucky Section, Section Emergency Coordinator,