GenerateImageMany people have brought up that they  dislike the plain KY Ham license plate and wish something distinctive and proud to use.

Your input is needed– let us know at :


Color scheme-design- leave it alone-cost —all things and input  we need from you.

Your Kentucky ARRL leadership is anxious to hear your thoughts




New Section Manager starts blog report

Steve Morgan W4NHO
1124 W. 12th St.
Owensboro, KY 42301


I want to take this opportunity to thank Alan Morgan, KY1O outgoing SM and his team for an outstanding job as the Kentucky SM. Being SM is not an easy task and unless you have walked in the job as SM, it is easy to criticize. Alan did a great job on updating the Kentucky database. That in itself is a difficult job trying to match the leagues database with our database. If you hear Alan on the air or able to meet him don’t hesitate to shake his hand.
As we turn another page in the history of the ARRL SM (SCM), I appreciate the support the section has given me as I take the reins as SM. It is a humbling experience. I am here as a able servant and hope that we can build upon the previous mangers’ efforts. I might add that as an individual, I cannot do anything by myself. It is our work together as members and non-members alike that we will grow. Our task is great but with your help we will proceed.
I hit the ground running and have already added to our leadership team in Kentucky. Team leaders please don’t hesitate on moving names and positions to me after you add a member. That is the only way we can keep the database up to date is keep the flow from bottom to top running smoothly. I will allow our team members to share with you changes that have been added to our leadership and field organization. Also, I welcome the renewals of affiliated clubs and SSC clubs. There are also clubs that are attempting to become SSC status. Great! Announcements will follow shortly by ACC Mark Currens N4VER.
It was a pleasure to see the new and old (hum?) faces at the Etown hamfest on April 1. We discussed a variety of topics including amateur radio license plates, education of ARES members including updates in NIMS, SARA and the repeater directory, state and local nets plus Radio Relay International and finally the DMR “Digital Mobile Network” in the state. Great things are on the horizon.

Anyone involved in ARES, you should have received a questionnaire from Cecil Dennis, K4TCD KY SEC regarding many important questions on how we stand in ARES. The questionnaire was not sent to fill up your mailbox. It is expected that we receive information in return. We are giving you the month of April to comply. If we do not receive input from you, especially ECs it tells us you are no longer interested in holding your appointment. Please help us.

You should have received a request from Roman KY6YCW to assist on funding KYHAM. There are costs involved and your help in the past has certainly been appreciated. Let him know he is appreciated and assist him in running KYHAM.

I hope you will be radioactive this month and do something nice for your fellow mankind. Be kind and be safe. Until next month, 73.
Kentucky Section Manager
Cell: 270-926-4451
email: w4nho@arrl.net
Station Activity Reports:
WB4ZDU 27 W4NHO 39
PSHR: W4NHO 1/28 2/36 3/10 = 74; KO4OL 120

Travel events:
April 10 Northern KY ARC
Upcoming Hamfests:
May 13 Ashland KY
May 19-21 Dayton Hamvention
June 3 Princeton KY

W4NHO Steve Morgan your new Ky Section Manager

Steve Morgan W4NHO

Steve is a graduate of Western KY University with a B.A Degree in Mass Communications and a Associate Degree in Computer Technology from Owensboro Community and Technical College.
After completing school Steve worked as a co-owner in the home remodeling and repair service for 25 years. After retiring, started work in the bookkeeping field part time. Steve is a licensed private pilot and enjoy playing in the local community band and church orchestra as a trumpet player. Steve also enjoys traveling with his wife and has traveled throughout the US, Europe and the Middle East.
Steve entered the hobby of Amateur Radio in 1969 as WN4NHO and then in 1970 received his General with the callsign of WB4NHO and currently a licensed Extra with a callsign W4NHO. From that point he was involved with local Owensboro Amateur Radio Club (OARC). The club gave him a strong background in emergency communications. His club provided safety communications for Hydroplane racing on the Ohio River for many years. They also provided communications for Civil Defense and responded with call outs regarding weather, drownings, lost persons, down aircraft, blizzards, floods and working with the Red Cross in providing damage assessment.
During the involvement with public service Steve entered traffic handling mainly through the KY CW traffic net and 9RN. He also enjoys operating FD with the local club manning the CW station and at times the phone station. He is also involved many of the different digital modes and participates in the weekly KDN net.
He had the opportunity to serve the Red Cross after 911 in NYC for approximately 2 months setting up computers and communications. From there he served on numerous disasters in the state of Kentucky and throughout the US and the Virgin Islands in Damage Assessment and DIST operations.
Steve also serves in the MARS program for over 18 years.
His first love is public service and has held numerous field appointments with the league, ORS, EC, DEC, SEC, ASST. DIR., VE and SM ( 1991-1997). He enjoys working with fellow amateurs in the state in many different areas. He hopes that amateurs can continue making the hobby strong and enjoyable for all across Kentucky.
Steve currently lives in Owensboro with his wife Mia.

ARRL offers Summer Teachers Institute

Integrate Science and Math with Engineering and Technology by Exploring Wireless Technology

ARRL, the national association for amateur radio, is offering two sessions of its Introductory Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology (TI-1) during the summer of 2017. The ARRL Teachers Institute is an expenses paid, intensive professional development opportunity for educators who want to receive training and resources to explore wireless technology in the classroom. Topics at the TI-1 Introduction to Wireless Technology, include basic electronics, radio science, microcontroller programming and basic robotics. ARRL will also offer an advanced Teachers Institute (TI-2) on Remote Sensing and Data Gathering.

The linked article from the March issue of ARRL’s journal, QST, includes the schedule and description of offerings this summer. Read “Amateur Radio in the STEM Classroom” in the 2016 April issue of Tech Directions to learn how four Teachers Institute grads employ amateur radio in their classrooms.

Visit the ARRL website at: www.arrl.org/ti for more details.
Go to www.arrl.org/teachers-institute-application for information about applying and to download an application.

Application deadline is May 1.


Debra Johnson, K1DMJ
Education Services Manager
ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio®
225 Main Street
Newington, CT 06111-1494

Office:(860) 594-0296
Fax: (860) 594-0259

Affiliated Club Coordinator New Call and email

Kentucky Section Affiliated Club Coordinator/ State Government Liason Mark Currens has a NEW call- he is now N4VER! He also has a new email read below:

Hello Again. I have created a new email address which reflects my new vanity callsign. The new address is as follows; n4ver.ky@gmail.com instead of; KI4OJG@gmail.com. Thanks & 73 DE Mark/N4VER.


Dear Fellow Hams,

The monthly ARES reports for January will soon be due.

I want to thank those ECs/AECs/ADECs who have already submitted their reports. To facilitate a more efficient method to compile the monthly reports, please adhere to the following schedule:

EC/AEC/ADEC  due date = 7:00pm ET on Monday Feb 6th

DEC          due date = 7:00pm ET on Tuesday Feb 7th

ASEC         due date = 7:00pm ET on Wednesday Feb 8th

KYHAM        due date = 7:00pm ET on Thursday Feb 9th

SEC          due date = 7:00pm ET on Friday Feb 10th

The above schedule will allow each leadership level to review data submitted before having to submit their own report. Your cooperation and timeliness is appreciated. Reports are available at: http://www.kyham.net/emcomm/reports.html.

Remember, a report should be submitted, even if you have no specific information to report.

Information on how to submit a report is available at: http://www.kyham.net/emcomm/KY_ARES_Reporting_Instructions.pdf

Please feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to help.image


Roman Rusinek – KE6YCW

KYHAM Administrator



Affiliated Club Coordinator Appointment

ARRL Kentucky Section Manager, Alan KY1O has appointed Mark Currens KI4OJG as the ARRL Kentucky Affiliated Club Coordinator effective 12/31/2016.

Mark commented, “I am really looking forward to serving all of the ARRL affiliated clubs and club members.” ” My goal is to help make our KY section grow and become one of the best within the ARRL.”Mark Currens


Ron Malinowski, Jr./WX4GPS,
Scott County Emergency Coordinator
Scott County Amateur Radio Club
August 28, 2016

This October, Scott County Public Library
will sponsor a four-session introductory
course leading to a Technician Amateur Radio
license. (See the four-week schedule
below.) Books and study materials will be
provided for the course. This is a four-part
course and registrants must attend all four
sessions. Registration is required due to class
size limitations.

The objective is to prepare students for
the 35-question multiple choice FCC examination
session that will be offered locally after
the instruction sessions have concluded (date, time,
and location will be announced at the end
of the course).

The schedule for the four instruction sessions is:

October 6: 6:30 PM to 8:45 PM – Meeting
Room B (High Tech Room).

October 13: 6:30 PM to 8:45 PM –
Meeting Room B (High Tech Room).

October 20: 6:30 PM to 8:45 PM –
Meeting Room B (High Tech Room).

October 27: 6:30 PM to 8:45 PM –
Meeting Room B (High Tech Room).

You may register at <http://tinyurl.com/
hamradioclass>. Classes are offered at no
charge – we are currently lining up some
amazing talent to teach the class. The
classes will be held at 104 South Bradford
Lane, Georgetown, KY. (GPS coordinates
38.191436, 84.563899)

If you have any questions please contact
Ron at 502-542-8252. IMG_8579

Richmond Hamfest Sept 24



WCARC is hosting a tech class here.
Mondays 9-12-2016 till 10-24-2016
1900-2100 hrs
Woodford Co EOC, basement of Versailles Fire Dept station #2
100 big sink pike.
Books approx $25.00
Please announce on your net.
CLASS limited to 15.
First come, first serve.
Anderson Co on 10-25-2016
Register at ky4wc@ky4wc.org

1001001, –… …–,