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Dales Tales July 2017


Greetings everyone, welcome to “Dale’s Tales” for July 2017.

I have always felt that radio clubs are the life blood of Amateur Radio.
They are the go-to resource for getting started in the hobby. They
are the go-to resource for help with antennas. They are the go-to
resource for help with rig problems. They are the go-to resource for
learning how to be a good operator and for absolutely everything one
needs to be a ham. Triggered by Tom Delaney’s reference to clubs that
follows in his commentary, I did some research to see how the Great
Lakes Division was doing in its efforts to generate more interest in
ARRL Affiliation for our local radio clubs. I find that in the past 12
months, we have had more 8 radio clubs join the ranks of ARRL
Affiliation. Congratulations to all.

For the clubs themselves, affiliation with ARRL offers some nice
benefits: Referrals of new area hams as potential club members, Mailing
Lists for special mailings and advertising hamfests, Club Commission
program for recruiting new ARRL members, Club Liability insurance, Ham
Equipment insurance, assistance with filing for club Licenses, Club
E-mail forwarding service as well as a number of others free services to
clubs. And, importantly, the cost to a club for ARRL Affiliation is
only the time you take to complete the on-line application. ARRL is
also a frequent contributor of prizes for our Affiliated Club’s
hamfests. If your club is not already affiliated, please consider it.
By the way, if YOU personally are not affiliated, not an ARRL member,
please consider joining. Your benefits are great as well: our journal
QST, Members-only Web Services (this include Digital QST, Access to the
QST Archives, free e-newsletters, Product Review Archives, E-Mail
forwarding Service and the ARRL Member Directory). Plus members have
access to the Technical Information Service, Member Discounts, Ham Radio
Insurance Plans, ARRL Visa Signature Card, Outgoing QSL Service,
Operating Awards, to name a few. Plus your continued support advocates
for Amateur Radio locally, nationally and world-wide. Thanks.

TOM’S COMMENTS: Comments from our Vice Director Tom Delaney W8WTD

June’s big event is always Field Day. Hope you had fun! The essence of
Field Day is working together. Yes, there are lots of other great
things that happen on Field Day, but the teamwork and cooperation are
the best. You didn’t get your start in ham radio without someone
telling you about it, or showing you how it works. Now that may not
have happened at Field Day, but it often is a good starting point. Some
people get their licenses by going it alone, working the books
exclusively. Many, though, find that classes, or at the very least, an
understanding ham who is willing to explain the harder parts, make
passing that test an easier task.

Some people who get their license on their own don’t know what to do
next, and don’t know who to turn to. Those who worked with a club may
find someone who will show them how to get a station set up.

And operating? A few people at Field Day like to be by themselves. But
often, logging for someone, or having someone log for you while you make
contacts, is an enjoyable experience. In between contacts you talk
about band conditions, antennas, stations you’ve worked… and you learn
something, both about ham radio and also about that other individual.

Young people are particularly enthusiastic about Field Day. The thrill
of making more contacts in an hour than they’ve (probably) made in a
month really gets to them. And they learn about propagation, antennas,
and all sorts of other stuff.

So Field Day is a good measure of what it means to be a ham. Not
everyone wants to go outside in less than ideal conditions and struggle
over putting an antenna up where it doesn’t want to go. But whatever
you did on Field Day, or in Field Days past, you probably learned
something else about ham radio, and maybe even passed along some of the
things you learned.

Field Day comes along once a year. But the teamwork can persist into
the next club meeting, the next class, or the next opportunity to help a
new ham. Take what you’ve learned, and pass it on.

73, Tom W8WTD Vice Director, Great Lakes Division

GREAT LAKES HAMCON. Announcing Carole Perry WB2MGP will be hosting her
well received Youth Forum at HamCon. In addition we have scheduled
forums for DX, Fox hunting – complete with a fox hunt, QRP Operating,
Radio Propagation, Kit Building Techniques for Success, a One-Day Tech
Class with FCC License Testing and the ARRL Members’ Forum. The Ohio
Section will also host a special ceremony for new inductees into the
Royal Order of the Wouff Hong and the Toledo Mobile Radio Assn. will
hold a presentation on their recent activations of Museum Ships.

As we get closer to the fall, your Section Manager’s bulletins will
carry more complete information as well as what appears in Dale’s Tales.
HamCon Tickets are now on sale along with camping reservations. Check
the web pages at http://glhamcon.org/.

HAMFESTING: Here is the current Great Lakes Division ARRL Sanctioned
Hamfest Schedule covering the next few weeks. These swaps have received
their sanctioning approval from ARRL HQ at the time of this publication.
We have approximately 65 ARRL hamfests each year in the Division. I do
encourage each Hamfest Chair to register early for ARRL Sanctioning. Be
sure to invite your ARRL Officials as soon as your date is set.

Jul 8 – GARS Hamfest – Germantown, OH
Jul 9 – 20/9 Tailgate – Austintown, OH
Jul 15 – NARS Fest – Elyria, OH
Jul 16 – Van Wert Hamfest – Van Wert, OH
Jul 22 – Harrison Hamfest – Harrison, MI
Jul 22 – GMARC Tailgate – Shelby Twp, MI
Jul 22 – Big Sandy Hamfest – Louisa, KY
Jul 29 – CMARC Outdoor Hamfest – Lansing, MI
Jul 30 – Portage Hamfest – Ravenna, OH
Aug 5 – Columbus Hamfest – Columbus, OH
Aug 5 – UP hamfest – Escanaba, MI
Aug 12 – Central KY – Lawrenceburg, KY
Aug 12 – Midland Hamfest – Midland, MI
Aug 13 – Seaway Trunk Swap – Port Huron, MI
Aug 19 – Thunder Bay ARC Swap – Alpena, MI
Aug 20 – Warren Tailgate Swap – Cortland, OH
Aug 27 – Cuyahoga Falls Tailgate Swap – Stow, OH

Be sure to check your Section’s news pages for the latest local
happenings, club and net information.

73, Let’s be radio-active as we celebrate Independence Day in the USA!

Dale Williams WA8EFK
Great Lakes Division

ARRL Great Lakes Division
Director: Dale R Williams, WA8EFK

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COMEX AAR’s needed

Those of you who participated in the 2017 KY Communication Interoperability Exercise to receive exercise credit please complete the After Action Report (AAR). Click on the below link;


Cecil K4TCD

COMEX Ham test today June 26

For those wishing to participate in COMEX here is today’s schedule :

Governor Bevin proclaims Ham Week

IMG_0168Governor Bevin declares AMATEUR RADIO WEEK for the Commonwealth of Kentucky!

Section Managers News

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Woodford County ARC Tech class


Interview techniques

Sone useful information as Field Day approaches on doing interviews or posting on social media – from ARRL Public Relations:

When are you “on the record” with a journalist? nonprofitmarketingguide.com/blog/2017/05/2…

Greg W0QI

Kentuxky- Public Information Coordinator

Asst.Section Manager

Section Manager update

KEN: MONDAY 3.972.5 2330Z
KDN: TUESDAY 3.587 0030Z
KYN: DAILY 3.537 0100Z
SM: w4nho@arrl.net
SEC: Cecil@dlsafety.com
STM: kc4bqk@arrl.net
ACC: n4ver.ky@gmail.com
TS: n9ky@arrl.net
OOC: k4lrx@arrl.net
PIO: w4tsa@me.com
KYHAM: admin@kyham.net

APRIL 2017

Where did the month of April go? Certainly been a world wind occurrence. As mentioned earlier enjoyed meeting the folks at the Etown Hamfest and getting to meet the members of the NKARC in Edgewood,KY. If I haven’t had a chance to meet you, make a point to introduce yourself.

As mentioned earlier, a Questionnaire was sent out to the leadership of ARES. You should have received one if your email address is current in KYHAM. The following ECs, DECs, ASECs responded to the Questionnaire. AB4WS, KE4YCW, NV9V, KM4KGN, KM4VQD, KK4AVI, AG4TY, KI4GWN, AA4RL, and KY4WHT. My hat’s off the those who took a little bit of time to inform me and KY SEC, Cecil Dennis what is happening around the state, our strong and weak points and what we need to build on. There is activity around the state but in small pockets and some very glaring bear spots. You know where these are I am sure. What is encouraging is where there is activity folks realize the need for taking and completing the FEMA NIMS courses, 100, 200, 700 and 800. I cannot emphasize enough how important these are for future growth in Kentucky. More on this as we go forward.

Good News! Help is on the way. Welcome, Joe Warren KB9LXH, new EC for Jackson Co. Very important county in regards to weather information. Joe has hit the ground running already sending out letters to new recruits, making a personal visit with the county EMA leadership and working toward June’s KYCOMEX. Way to go Joe! There is an great example of building a great ARES program.

More good news! Welcome Gary Rosenau KW4YQ new EC for Laurel County. I am sure we will hearing more from Gary as he gets his feet planted firmly to the ground and establishes his contacts. More folks will want to participate with the Laurel County ARES.

Isaiah Corder KM4JIT, EC Wayne Co is reporting near completion of their mobile command post. Wow, look forward to seeing the end product with possible photos. What a great way to show off ARES around the county.

Greg Taylor KY4OD, EC Mason Co continues to build the membership in ARES. Now providing training for new members and the lastest gathering of the membership, they shared their go-kits! What about you? When is the last time you checked out your go-kit? Do you have one?

Bob Spears, AA4RL in Daviess County along with several others in District 3 has made great efforts in building a “last mile inner structure”, using the long established Winlink software and nodes. Currently have 4 of the 7 counties tied together and currently working with District 2 in linking that area together. Take a look at APRS.FI if you are curious as to the area and coverage. Winlink has already been demonstrated to regional Hospitals regarding its purpose and function on moving email and reports, when all else fails. They are excited! Winlink has been demonstrated at Cave City and Etown by Jim Rayburn KC4BQK STM. If you have seen the map, you can see what they have and what they hope to accomplish going forward. Please contact Bob AA4RL aa4rlatarrl.net; Jim KC4BQK kc4bqkatarrl.net for further information.
Our thanks and appreciation go to Roland Brown KY4RDB who submitted his resignation as EC for Letcher Co. Hopefully, a very capable replacement will try to fill his shoes in the near future.
Get all aboard, time to toot that train whistle! Our ACC Mark Currens N4VER has been busy contacting clubs whom by oversight may have failed to renew their club affiliation with the League or let the SSC status lapse. With his hard work, good news for those who pound the pavement.
KY Radio Operators Club – Fishersville KY became affiliated on 3/25. Morehead ARS – Morehead KY became affiliated. Bullet Co “BARS” became a Special Service or renewed the SSC status. Owensboro ARC renewed their SSC status with the League on 3/23. In my opinion, the active clubs are the ones that stir the drink. Keep it coming and pass the word.
Chuck Miliam N9KY, TC reports more interest in DMR. He is unpacking his own Shark Hotspot and getting it tuned up, to join fellow DMR users across the state. There is a weekly net held on KY Statewide on Thursday evening where numerous operators across the Southeast join in on the fun. If you have not tried DMR don’t be afraid to ask someone. It is a growing technology. Can’t wait to see what Xenia (Dayton) may have this year. Welcome TS, Jim Rayburn KC4BQK – Henderson.
Bill Hillyerd K4LRX OOC has been busy of late, which is not really a good thing. You see bill gets involved when others try operating practices that are outside of the FCC good book part 97. Let’s say he has been busy pounding keys and expounding the “Thou Shout not…” scripture to a view folks. Let’s hope that his efforts are able to tame the situation and may make a new Ham out of someone gone astray.
Proud of your QSL! This year’s Xenia (Dayton) Hamvention will borrow a tradition from Friedrichshafen, Germany’s Ham Radio event a QSL wall. For further info http://arrl.org/news/qsl-wall.
The KY SM will be in and out of the ARRL Expo, in the Field Service booth. Please drop by.
This month’s activities will slide around the Dayton/Xenia Hamvention. If haven’t already done so, mark your calendars for next week – May 19th – 21st. Dayton Hamvention . They say crowds may exceed 30,000, WOW! I hope folks bring their own parking garage. Expect a mad house. Hopefully, they will have a very effective transit system as in years pass.

Upcoming Hamfests:
Ashland May 13;
Princeton Hamfest June 3;
Big Sandy Hamfest – Louisa – July 22
Paintsville Hamfest – Sept. 30
Great Lakes Division Hamcon – Oct. 7, 8

On the Air Events: Armed forces Day Cross Band
MAY 13: Armed Forces Day Cross Band
W4NHO: 1. 27 2. 39 3. 20 TOTAL 86
KC4BQK: 1. 16 2. 10 3. 30 6. 40 TOTAL 96
KO4OL: 1. 40 2. 40 3. 30 TOTAL 110
W4NHO: 39
WB4ZDU: 33
KO4OL: 78
Welcome Gary Kohtala K7EK ORS – Radcliff KY

Our prayers and concerns for Jim Vaughn K4TXJ who was trying to impress his wife on how graceful he was and became an unwanted pretzel. Hope he can be on the mend soon and be graceful on his new wheels.
Until next month, be safe and don’t be afraid to be accused of being radioactive.

Steve Morgan
Kentucky Section Manager