Steve Morgan W4NHO

Steve is a graduate of Western KY University with a B.A Degree in Mass Communications and a Associate Degree in Computer Technology from Owensboro Community and Technical College.
After completing school Steve worked as a co-owner in the home remodeling and repair service for 25 years. After retiring, started work in the bookkeeping field part time. Steve is a licensed private pilot and enjoy playing in the local community band and church orchestra as a trumpet player. Steve also enjoys traveling with his wife and has traveled throughout the US, Europe and the Middle East.
Steve entered the hobby of Amateur Radio in 1969 as WN4NHO and then in 1970 received his General with the callsign of WB4NHO and currently a licensed Extra with a callsign W4NHO. From that point he was involved with local Owensboro Amateur Radio Club (OARC). The club gave him a strong background in emergency communications. His club provided safety communications for Hydroplane racing on the Ohio River for many years. They also provided communications for Civil Defense and responded with call outs regarding weather, drownings, lost persons, down aircraft, blizzards, floods and working with the Red Cross in providing damage assessment.
During the involvement with public service Steve entered traffic handling mainly through the KY CW traffic net and 9RN. He also enjoys operating FD with the local club manning the CW station and at times the phone station. He is also involved many of the different digital modes and participates in the weekly KDN net.
He had the opportunity to serve the Red Cross after 911 in NYC for approximately 2 months setting up computers and communications. From there he served on numerous disasters in the state of Kentucky and throughout the US and the Virgin Islands in Damage Assessment and DIST operations.
Steve also serves in the MARS program for over 18 years.
His first love is public service and has held numerous field appointments with the league, ORS, EC, DEC, SEC, ASST. DIR., VE and SM ( 1991-1997). He enjoys working with fellow amateurs in the state in many different areas. He hopes that amateurs can continue making the hobby strong and enjoyable for all across Kentucky.
Steve currently lives in Owensboro with his wife Mia.