Dear Fellow Hams,

The monthly ARES reports for January will soon be due.

I want to thank those ECs/AECs/ADECs who have already submitted their reports. To facilitate a more efficient method to compile the monthly reports, please adhere to the following schedule:

EC/AEC/ADEC  due date = 7:00pm ET on Monday Feb 6th

DEC          due date = 7:00pm ET on Tuesday Feb 7th

ASEC         due date = 7:00pm ET on Wednesday Feb 8th

KYHAM        due date = 7:00pm ET on Thursday Feb 9th

SEC          due date = 7:00pm ET on Friday Feb 10th

The above schedule will allow each leadership level to review data submitted before having to submit their own report. Your cooperation and timeliness is appreciated. Reports are available at: http://www.kyham.net/emcomm/reports.html.

Remember, a report should be submitted, even if you have no specific information to report.

Information on how to submit a report is available at: http://www.kyham.net/emcomm/KY_ARES_Reporting_Instructions.pdf

Please feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to help.image


Roman Rusinek – KE6YCW

KYHAM Administrator



Affiliated Club Coordinator Appointment

ARRL Kentucky Section Manager, Alan KY1O has appointed Mark Currens KI4OJG as the ARRL Kentucky Affiliated Club Coordinator effective 12/31/2016.

Mark commented, “I am really looking forward to serving all of the ARRL affiliated clubs and club members.” ” My goal is to help make our KY section grow and become one of the best within the ARRL.”Mark Currens


Ron Malinowski, Jr./WX4GPS,
Scott County Emergency Coordinator
Scott County Amateur Radio Club
August 28, 2016

This October, Scott County Public Library
will sponsor a four-session introductory
course leading to a Technician Amateur Radio
license. (See the four-week schedule
below.) Books and study materials will be
provided for the course. This is a four-part
course and registrants must attend all four
sessions. Registration is required due to class
size limitations.

The objective is to prepare students for
the 35-question multiple choice FCC examination
session that will be offered locally after
the instruction sessions have concluded (date, time,
and location will be announced at the end
of the course).

The schedule for the four instruction sessions is:

October 6: 6:30 PM to 8:45 PM – Meeting
Room B (High Tech Room).

October 13: 6:30 PM to 8:45 PM –
Meeting Room B (High Tech Room).

October 20: 6:30 PM to 8:45 PM –
Meeting Room B (High Tech Room).

October 27: 6:30 PM to 8:45 PM –
Meeting Room B (High Tech Room).

You may register at <http://tinyurl.com/
hamradioclass>. Classes are offered at no
charge – we are currently lining up some
amazing talent to teach the class. The
classes will be held at 104 South Bradford
Lane, Georgetown, KY. (GPS coordinates
38.191436, 84.563899)

If you have any questions please contact
Ron at 502-542-8252. IMG_8579

Richmond Hamfest Sept 24



WCARC is hosting a tech class here.
Mondays 9-12-2016 till 10-24-2016
1900-2100 hrs
Woodford Co EOC, basement of Versailles Fire Dept station #2
100 big sink pike.
Books approx $25.00
Please announce on your net.
CLASS limited to 15.
First come, first serve.
Anderson Co on 10-25-2016
Register at ky4wc@ky4wc.org

1001001, –… …–,


Dayton Hamvention has a new home

image imageXENIA, Ohio (WDTN) – Days after Hara Arena announced it will close its doors, an announcement from Greene County officials revealed that Hamvention will be held at the Greene County Fairgrounds next year, according to our partners at the Xenia Gazette.

Wouff Hong sign up for GLH

Have you decided to attend the Royal Order of the Wouff Hong Ceremony? It’s at noon at the GLH Hamfest and ARRL Kentucky State Convention on Saturday 9/10/16. If you plan on being part of this, be sure to sign up at http://louisvillehamfest.com/wouffhong.htm so your certificate can be printed. This ceremony is something all hams should experience. Do note, you must be an ARRL Member to participate. You can join ARRL at http://www.arrl.org/membership.

EMCOMM planning invite

wanted ARES to be aware the Local Emergency Planning Committee, along with Louisville Emergency Services, and Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness, will be hosting the Fourth Annual Safety Fair on Saturday, August 20, 2016 from 0900-1300 at Home Depot, 6840 Dixie Highway, Louisville, KY 40258. Emergency Communications is a vital part of any response effort and I thought perhaps Jefferson County ARES and AUXCOM might be interested in having a presence at the event. If you are interested and would like more details please let me know.


Paul Kern, MBA


Public Health Planner

Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness
Office of Emergency & Public Health Preparedness
400 East Gray Street
Louisville, KY 40202
Office (502) 574-3646


Central Ky ARS Hamfest 9-24-2016

Please note that due to a conflict in scheduling, the organizers/members of Central Kentucky ARS have stressed that the date for their hamfest to be held in Richmond, Kentucky is NOT September 17 as listed, but instead WILL BE September 24, 2016. Only the date has been changed, all other details remain as published and announced. They apologize for the confusion, but the change was made due to a conflict which they tried to avoid, but were unable to.

Please pass the word to anyone you know and ask them to also pass the word around

Dist 9 ARES report EF2 Tornado


On July 4th 2016 a band of severe thunder storms with damaging winds impacted parts of Eastern Kentucky in Kentucky’s 9th ARES District. The areas receiving the most damage was confined to Pike and Lawrence County with Lawrence County receiving the most extensive damage.
Upon notification of damage resulting from the storm contact was established with all counties of District 9 to determine the need for communications assistance. It was determined that Lawrence County had received the most damage along the most impact occurring along US 23 and Ky. route 32 in Louisa covering approximately 2.5 miles. The structure receiving the most damage was at Wal-Mart in Louisa and JJ Jordan Nursing Home also in Louisa receiving the second most damage.
In Talking with Ross Leedy KG4GRJ EC of Lawrence County he indicated that all utilities and communications remained intact. Also received information at the same time of damage that occurred in Pike County.
A net was called at 7:03 pm est for the purpose of reporting damage and people requesting assistance by John Hager N4KJU DEC District 9. The reports consisted of damage to structures,topography, and utilities. The reports were sent to the National Weather Service in Jackson Ky by both Amateur radio and National Weather Service Chat The net closed at 8:46pm. Besides providing the weather service at Jackson with damage reports one amateur operator Ky4BP Brian Prater of Pikeville (Pike County) reported downed power lines along US Route 23 in the Scott Sub-division of Pikeville. A call was made to Ky Power advising them of the situation in the sub division. The dispatcher at Ky Power indicated this was the first call they had received regarding the situation at the subdivision. Power was restored within 2 hours and US 23 reopened.
In summary of the net there were 10 checkins, representing 5 counties within region 4 and one Station from Madison County-Berea Kentucky. A total of 10 messages of damage were reported from the amateur community to the National Weather Service at Jackson and one report to Ky Power and the NWS as noted in a previous paragraph. The following amateur participated in the net N4kJU John as NCS,KG4GRJ Ross EC of Lawrence County,KK4FVO Roy AEC Martin County,KY4BP Brian,KI4RND Kelly,KK4LQZ Roger,WJ4BP John,KI4BOQ Chris,KF4KPL Daniel and; WA4SWF Fred.
Finally the National Weather Service has classified and confirmed the event in Lawrence County as a EF-2 tornado. Fortunately there were no injuries or loss of life as a result of this storm. I personally want to thank all amateurs who participated and also thankful for the great working relationship we as amateurs have with one another and the National Weather Service.
Sincerely Submitted
John M. Hager/ N4KJU
Region 4 District 9 DECimage

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